Welcome to Gateways for Youth and Families, the first and oldest social services organization in the State of Washington. The programs and administration offices are located in the Summit Waller area at 3501 104th Street East at the Dyslin Ranch on roughly 32 acres of prairie lands, forested woodland and natural wetlands. The naturally occurring habitats on the property are optimized for youth and family services   and education.

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The services Gateways currently offers are Adoption Home Studies for children from foster care. Visitation services in the education visitation and safe exchange program called EVASE that includes parent coaching for parents that want additional training for effective parenting.  Impact of Divorce on Children IDC parenting seminars are for parents or family members that are legally separated, seeking third part custody or requesting a change to their parenting plan.  Transitional Aged Youth Network TRAYN for youth in transition aging out of foster care or homeless between the ages of 16-24 that need life skills and job experience.  Domestic Violence Impact Panels include professionals in our community that treat, intervene and assist in effects of domestic violence on our community.  Community Gardening offers space to members who want to grow food in an organically approved way using Gateways property.  The neighborhood church food pantry has a large plot where they are growing produce for their food pantry.

The administration, current staff and board of directors are deeply committed to the original intent of the organization and are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through all of our program services offered at the Ranch.